Pork Sliders with Lemony Cucumber Mayonnaise

Photo of a Pork Slider with Cucumber Mayo, mushrooms and tomato

Burgers and fries. Two things that can always put me in a good mood. I love burgers. Fat burgers, thin burgers, grilled burgers and broiled burgers. Pan-fried burgers and baked burgers. Beef burgers, turkey burgers, chicken burgers. With cheese and grilled onions. With ketchup and an onion ring. With chili and slaw.

But the burger I love the most right now is that one up there. A spiced mini pork burger perched on a bed of cucumber mayonnaise. Wearing a little hat of sauted mushrooms and fresh tomato, served with warm potato wedges. I'm telling you, the husband and I were in food heaven this weekend, shoveling these into our mouths.

And the mayo? Well, there wasn't any left. It served as a sauce for the burgers and a dip for the wedges.

For ingredients & the full recipe, go here.