Positive Peer Pressure?

NaBloPoMo – January 8, 2014

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014 Can peer pressure be positive? Why or why not?


We all experience peer pressure to some extent throughout our lives, but teenagers are a far more vulnerable section of society.  Teens face the pressure of doing drugs, having sex, and/or skipping school; just to name a few of the negative pressures teens may face.  Anything our peers encourage us to change is considered peer pressure.

When we surround ourselves with the right people, peer pressure can be positive.  Teens are at a stage in their lives where their attitudes, behaviors, and values are vulnerable.  If a friend(s) encourages a teen to be kind to others, do well in school, eat a healthy diet, and/or to work hard they are applying peer pressure to conform to a set of values that is acceptable in society.  Not all friends have a set of values, they just want to fit in and be liked.

It is easier to resist peer pressure if you choose your friends wisely, have self-confidence, can talk to a trusted adult, and/or by understanding your own attitudes, behaviors, and values. 

The goal isn’t to avoid peer pressure, but try to surround yourself with peer pressure that is healthy and productive.

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