Positive Project Day 31: Count Your Blessings

I just wrapped up a week long conference with my graduating class of pastors.  We are a small class.  We started out with 15, then we slowly dwindled over the past seven years to 13, back up to 15, gained another for 16, back down to 14 and down again to 13.  This past year we lost one more bringing the total from the original count of 15 to 10.  Nine of us came together for the conference.  The theme was "Encouragement".

The presenter said he had never seen a group of people so unique as ours.  When we arrived at the seminary school, we were so small of a group that we had one of two choices:  like each other or just don't bother.  We chose to be a family.  You know the kind of family where we have brothers and sisters where we can't stand each other sometimes but love each other at other times.  With any family you have your highs and lows, your ups and downs, but through it all we chose to support each other through the two year process.

So nine of us came together to see new additions to families, hear the stories of being out in the field, testimonies and devotionals.  We laughed and boy did we cry.  We opened up sincerely and were vulnerable with each other once more.  The presenter went on to say that he has never seen a group such as ours open up to each other and show such emotion to each other than ours.  What he and the rest of the school don't realize is we are a close group, even if we have problems with each other.  We talk to each other and email.  Texting is a necessity. 

I cried.  I cried a lot one day.  I couldn't get my emotions in check and I usually can!  But one day I was talking to a friend who our church sent in to this school.  He was having some issues, and as I talked to him I looked over at our little group.  I said I truly loved them.  They care for me and I care for them.  I love them and they love them.

Count your blessings, because when they are good, they are oh so good.



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