Positive Steps Forward

Today’s my first day completely alone. Monday Rick was home and yesterday Ricky was here…but today it’s just me and the dogs. It’s so weird – I am literally never by myself with nowhere to be and no real deadlines in front of me. The house is so quiet. I’m glad that I have a lot of things that I do need to take care of, otherwise I know this would be really, really bad – to sit here, free to just wallow in my grief. Yes, that would not be a positive step forward.

I’m all about that right now: positive steps forward. When we were thrown onto this road a week ago, I was completely incapacitated to do anything but try and wrap my brain around what was going on. Two days later, when Addison was born, I still wasn’t there. But I realized that I was facing a fork in the road: either I could allow myself to become a miserable, bitter person and wallow in my pain or I could try to figure this situation out, then figure out our life, then figure out how something –anything – positive could come out of Addison’s existence...Continue reading at The Mommyhood Project

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