Can Too Much Positive Thinking be a Good Thing or a Not Good Thing? Does positive thinking have a down side? Are some people so addicted to Positive Thinking that they do little else….? Can one simply be too positive? Is there such a thing?

I think positive thinking is a really great thing…..It keeps the mind focused on what one CAN DO opposed to focusing on what one cannot do……I think positive thinking based in “reality” is a good thing……I think positive thinking based in a non-reality type atmosphere can have a negative side. I think if a positive thinker does not consider the negatives that are around it can be harmful to them…..I think as long as  a positive thinker deals with the negatives from a positive spin that can be a good thing….Not to deny the negative, but instead find a way to work past it…..

So what happens with people that simply Think Positive all the time and do not see results that they are hoping for? I think people who simply do not move from Positive Thinking to Positive Doing are just as much stuck in a rut as those who live in negative thinking…..because positive thinking at some point requires positive actions to create the dreams, goals, and lifestyles that one wants….

Without Positive Doing we are likely to get nowhere…..If we dream of taking a trip  we are unlikely to ever see that destination unless we are willing to do what it takes to get there….pack our suitcase, prepare financially for the trip, get in the car, map it out, and drive there…..Yes, it takes the doing to get us to where we want to go….The dream alone or the positive thinking alone in itself will not get us to where we want to go…..It is in the DOING….

So can one have too much positive thinking? I don’t think so if it is always directed to doing more than positive thinking…..Positive ideas are simply positive ideas until they are acted upon……One must have a clear plan and be willing to step out to create what it is they want….I believe that the Universe somehow joins with us to make our dreams happen when we step out in faith….Wise Faith…..Positive thinking that is based on wise judgment…..

It takes more than positive thinking to create our dreams….It takes Positive Doing……


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