The Possessionista: cure to your December shopping hangover - 31 days of fashion/beauty/shopping giveaways

December is like a Friday night in college. You have waaaay too much to drink and end up with a killer hangover, and a resolve not to do it again next week.

January is like that hangover. And the 15th? Well that's the part where you puke everywhere. Especially when you open your credit card bill.

Are you with me so far?

Then wipe your bloodshot eyes, rinse out your mouth and for Goodness' sake, woman, take a shower!! 

Because, throughout the month of January, I will be giving away one super cool item to a lucky reader every single day!! I'm talking jeans, watches, handbags, shoes, jewelry, makeup, teeth whitening, coffee.

Even a bed!!!

But you'll have to check in every day to enter. So send your friends a link to the blog. Set the site to your bookmarks. Or subscribe to the daily emails.

Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the Bloody Mary that is The Possessionista.

I'm here to take the edge off, and make you completely forget about what you did in December.

At least until next year.


READ THIS - All these items were donated by the company featured in the item, so, no, it's not completely objective. Look, I'm just a girl who likes to shop, I'm not CNN.  But, no, since you are wondering, I didn't accept anything from any of these companies in exchange for the item. Oh, and it didn't cost them anything to participate. They'll send the stuff directly to you if you win. If you like the prize and you don't win, don't send me hate mail. I'll just delete it. Or post it. Probably post it. These prizes aren't refundable or returnable. They are regiftable, but that's kinda tacky. By entering to win, you are willingly giving these companies your email address for future marketing.  Hey, nothing's free in this world. 

Just Because We Have to Tighten Our Belts Doesn't Mean It Has To Be an Ugly Belt



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