Post Baby Thinspiration

On my blog, I have chronicled my road to losing my baby weight from my second pregnancy. It's has been an emotional journey and while I am so close to my weight goal I am a long way from getting my favorite pair of jeans to fit. You know the jeans/dress/outfit I'm talking about - the ones that make you feel like a million bucks when they fit! 

This week I am focusing on my visual motivation or as I like to call it, thinspiration. 

Now, you have to be careful with thinspiration pictures. You want your goals to be attainable otherwise they just become discouraging. I am 5'9 with a medium build. I will never ever be a size zero or weigh 110 pounds. Looking at pictures of Giselle as inspiration would just be silly. I'm pretty sure my bones alone weigh more than her at 9 months pregnant. 

Also, I'm not trying to become anything I have never been before. I just want to get back to my pre-baby size.

Summer after I had been working out with a trainer consistently 

I would venture to say for most women, the best shape they have ever been in is before their wedding, I know it was for me. And those are the pictures I use. Also, a few years ago I worked out with an amazing trainer and I use pictures of myself from that time frame as well. I have a picture of myself on my phone and one my fridge.


Be sure to keep it in perspective. I don't want to go crazy plastering pictures everywhere for several reasons. One is because I don't want to set a bad example for my daughters. Healthy comes in all shapes and sizes.

 Another reason is because I know how fixated I get on things and I don't want to miss these big picture. My body may not go back to the exact shape I used to have and that's a price I'm willing to pay a million times over for my sweet babies. 

Here’s my Post Baby Update
Date: 4/16/13
Weeks Post Baby: 4 months 3 weeks
Pounds to Go: .5lb (half of a pesky pound that just won't leave)
Notes - Still can't fit into my smallest sizes of pre-pregnancy jeans. Mainly need to tighten and tone my lower half which has always been my trouble area. I've been doing a ton of cardio, squats and lunges to try and tighten my backside!

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