Post-Christmas In All Its Weirdness

We didn't have the tree this year. Or the manager, stable, and all the porcelain Christmas characters on display to remind us of that special birthday.


Our Christmas was brown.


But it was packed full of stuff, to be sure, as our time was spent moving. And between the boxes and the mud, well, that's where the brown comes in.


The severe drought we had all year, it's long gone. I can't complain, the mud looks real nice after a summer like that.


Except we have short memories, I think. No on knew when, if ever, we'd see rain. And then it comes, and comes, and runs all over the place, fills up the ponds, keeps coming, and it isn't long before we're wondering when it'll stop.


This Christmas, I didn't have time for all the hype or reflection.


And now this is the day, after.


Strangely, I don't feel the usual let-down, somehow.


I've spent most of this month moving, being thankful, and appreciating God's abundance. He lavishes His goodness on us and I'm always amazed or surprised by it.


I wrote and posted this here on Christmas day and thought, who posts such un-Christmas-y things on the day of Christmas?


Apparently, I do.


Even though I was aware of Christmas, this year, it didn't come to me in the usual Christmas wrapping.Yet it's been very special in it's own weird way.


There have been some great times of meditating on Him and keeping our thankful hearts before Him without the trappings, this year. Our family has been having a relaxed and joyful time and without the usual stuff.


Our lack of preparations for Christmas, and now without my usual post-day blues, I feel as though I've been given the best gift, ever:


Peace and joy.


Funny how that works.




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