This is a Post on Friendship

Last Saturday was my 45th birthday. In my opinion, birthdays are the absolute best day to be a Facebooker. By the end of the day, I had a really cool notice on my page: “71 friends posted on Stacy’s timeline for her birthday.” 71 friends — wow! The tentative middle school girl, who still lurks quietly inside me, felt really popular.

The grown-up me was overcome with gratitude, and felt very blessed.  At the end of a long and lovely day spent in the company of family and a couple of dear friends, I sat quietly and took time to savor each of those birthday wishes.  Here were greetings shared from people spanning every possible era of my life: childhood, high school, college, the working world, early mommyhood, today. Posts from family here in town and across the country, all of whom have seen my life unfold since early on. Posts from family in Italy,  whom I only met a few years ago but fell instantly in love with. Posts from friends who don’t speak a word of Italian, but who took the time to figure out how to share their thoughts in the language I love, knowing it would bring me great joy. Every single message so meaningful and touching...

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