Post Halloween Harangue

It's day two of NaBloPoMo and I'm talking about Halloween. What, you were expecting me to be all thought provoking right off the bat? Let me work up to it, kay?

As I wrote last year, I'm not that big on Halloween (decorations or costumes) although I always intend to be. By August I'm already thinking about it and this year proved no different. Yet again, though, I waited until the last minute, the girls changed their minds 247 times, I bought the boy a $5 no-name superhero cape and mask from Children's Place, and proclaimed myself done. Neither of the girls talked about it much and whenever I suggested we go out to look for costumes, neither was interested (and by interested, I mean neither flew to the door unable to contain herself so I took that to mean they didn't really care). Midweek Halloween. Meh. I figured the whatever bug had bitten them as well. With Sandy looming, the weekend before had me caring even less. Unfortunately, this was when both of them realized Halloween was in just a few days and Oh My God Mommy What're We Gonna Do for Costumes kicked in. Perfect.

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If you're interested in my day one post (it's just an announcement that I'm participating), Here's to NaBloPoMo Not Killing Me, it's here:


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