a postal rant



Normally I'm a very easy-going person. I don't get upset much... but...
My friend calls me Saturday and tells me her package arrived.

was having a clearence sale, and I bought her a really pretty teapot
planter with a butterfly on it. Wrapped it snuggly in a box, took it to
the post office, yes USPS, wrote 'Glass - Very Fragile' on the box,
they stamped the box 'fragile', and sent it off. Ground, no hurry or
anything as it wasn't a special gift. Just something that made me think
of her so I bought it.

Saturday she gets the box. Teapot planter
in pieces. And not just a few chunks like it accidentally got dropped
once, but in a lot of little pieces that makes you think one of our
fine postal workers was having one of those 'almost ready to go postal'
type of days. Like Jim Carrey himself was reenacting his role in "Ace
Ventura Pet Detective" - 'JUST HOW FRAGILE IS IT?!?!'
frustrating!!!! And then I think, does the USPS Post Master really have
to wonder why they are in the red? If they actually took a national
survey on how satisfied the nation is with their service they might get
an eye opener. Hey guess what USPS... YOU SUCK!!

Last Christmas
1/4 of the Christmas cards I sent out were mutilated. And even if you
do pay the extra small fee for insurance, do you actually think they
are just going to hand over the value of your package right away? No.
They jerk you around and around and around, testing you to see just how
persistant you are going to be. (ok so maybe that part is a bit
exaggerated, but that's what it feels like is happening)

Overall it's the beautiful cycle of crappy customer service, unsatisfied customers, and a result of a failing business.
So USPS, thanks for all but completely crushing the box I sent to my friend.


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