Postive Attitude at Any Age

We tell our children to be positive, our co-workers, employees, family members, but it is important for us as women, as we age to be positive about ourselves as well.
So many women I talked to a couple years ago, who were my age, were so negative about turning 50. I was rather surprised, I thought it was great. 50 is such a cool number rather than something like 48, 49. 50 is a milstone and I was glad to be meeting it.
It was a time for me to celebrate all that I had accomplished and would accomplish in my life. Why be negative and depressed.
That is when I best friend and I started our business bikinisandbifocals, it was our way to say to women everywhere, hey we may be dealing with aging, but there is no reason to live life to its fulles, look great, feel great and have fun.
Heck, the kids are grown, husbands have mellowed and most of the major financial obligations in my life were almost gone.
I made a great deal of financial sacrifices in my younger years to enjoy these years. And I intend to.
I may not be able to wear a bikini, but I intend to look better than ever, I have more time to devote to me and I may now wear bifocals, but I now have time to devote to my health. I look and feel better than ever.
I want baby boomer women to have a positive attitude about life and aging.
That old geezer stuff has got to go, or they can sell it for the male parties, but we need to demand things that are for us, positive and upbeat.
LIfe is what you make it, and a positive attitude will make your day, life, health so much better.
Have a great day.