Pot Stickers with My Favorite Dipping Sauce

I love pot stickers. They are one of my favorite comfort foods and I love spending time making them on a weekend. I remember during my teens, me and my mom would be in the kitchen for hours making a ton of pot stickers to freeze and reheat for a snack or meal.

Nowadays, I don't take the time to make the pot stickers very often, so I usually resort to store bought ones. My favorite are the chicken and veggie pot stickers made by Ling Ling. I really don't like their sauce, so I usually make my own. It's the same recipe I've been making for years, and typically use as a base for all my stir fries.

Feel free to add in any extras to make it your own sauce. Try ginger, minced garlic, chives,  hoisin sauce, sriracha, or anything you can think of!

See the recipe at Huckleberries and Rain.

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