Potatoes in the Cellar: Winter Coats Under $100

If I had a fashion thing, it would be coats.

You know, like some people buy tons and tons of shoes, others collect interesting necklaces or belts, and still others have a closet full of cardigans...it's that fashion thing that each person gets invested in.  It's quirky and I love it, but I also don't have the closet space for a thing, or the drive to get focused on one aspect of my wardrobe, which is still fleshing out.

But if I had a thing, it would be coats.  I love coats.  Jackets.  Outerwear.  They're cozy, and they don't have to compliment your outfit because you're taking them off inside anyway, and even if you aren't, they cover up the rest of your outfit and easily become outfits on their own.  Coats!  They're fashion's staple food in cold weather, the proverbial potatoes in the cellar.

I have a couple of coats - I do live in Seattle, the land of omg sudden weather (one of the freeways unexpectedly flooded yesterday...what!?) - but every year I find myself looking for just one more.  It doesn't help that I've gained weight, and wearing a jacket that doesn't fit is like muffin topping - ew.

So here are a bunch of coats I want.  They're all under $100, and they're all made by BB Dakota.  (I own one of their wool belted trenches: it's warm, and has held up really, really well for more than a year of rain and snow.)

Alisha Striped A-Line Coat: $75

This collar is such perfection.  I love the way it lays against her throat, and how the buttons taper in at the waist.

Vicky Jacket: $65

If coats were my thing, I'd have a lot of classic-cut jackets in different colors.  Grey and black are boring.  Plum!

Joanna Jacket: $78 $58 with Facebook code!

This one.  Need it.  It's all soft and furry and collary and for some reason I have shit luck with bomber jackets so I desire them even more than I should.

Beverly Coat: $75

Okay, let's not take this "coats are their own outfit" thing too far.  You still need to wear pants.  (This blue makes me die a little.  I want to wear it in a snow storm.)

Hinsdale Jacket: $90

I tried this on at Mapel and loved it.  I still wish I'd taken it home with me.  (It's unavailable there, but still at BB Dakota's homepage.)

They even have Bella's jacket from Twilight - yes, I like it too, you don't have to be ashamed - in four different colors.  (Side note: that is the only thing I liked about the movie.  Feel free to hate on me for it, but god, those were two utterly wasted hours.)

Remember, though, that BB Dakota runs small.  I suggest going up a size and, if you're uncertain, contacting Mapel for assistance.

Do you have a fashion thing?  What is it?

Images and prices via Dakota Collective, Tobi and Mapel.

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