Pottermore Shop Now Open! Yay Harry Potter E-Books!

It is entirely possible that I have been a tad cranky about the delays that Pottermore developers have experienced in opening the site to all the millions of people who want in. It wasn't that I wanted into the site as much as I wanted the store to open. I wanted my Harry Potter e-book fix and now I'm happy to say that the Pottermore store is open. Yay Harry Potter e-books! Gimme!

pottermore store harry potter e-books

Credit: Pottermore store

I am really pleased with the price of the books. None of the books are currently more than $9.99 USD. I was initially disappointed that the complete collection package is not available for sale yet but I discovered that I could get it if I wanted the UK version rather than the US one (which I do). I really like the complete collection price, which is around $60 USD -- a pretty good price for 7 books!

If audio is your thing they have the digital audio books available for purchase as well. The prices on those are certainly higher than the e-books, but when you consider than even the first book of the series is 8.5 hours of audio (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is 26.5 hours!), your price per hour is pretty good! You can buy the complete collection package which is a steep price but again, it's more than 100 hours of audio.

Other likes? You have have the ability to purchase the books as gifts with their instant gift option. Nifty! The e-books are compatible with a good range of e-readers. Kindle owners don't worry that you don't see your device listed on the compatible devices list! Just scroll down to the next section and you will see that you can send the books to your Kindle.

Another big like? I will have the ability to purchase the English (UK) versions of the books, which means I will get to purchase Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and get all the Briticisms I love.

Now excuse me, I have some shopping to do.

Will you be buying the Harry Potter e-books from Pottermore?

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