Pottery Barn...Stop Stressing Me Out!!

I think the Pottery Barn catalogues that arrive in my mailbox stress me out more than any bill that might be stuffed in there with them.  Is that bizarre?  With each new season’s catalogues, I need to talk myself down from the mountain of an inferior complex I seem to take on. 

What was I doing with my life before I became a mom?  Why wasn’t I taking interior design courses so I would know how to expertly arrange furniture, pick paint colors and hang photos? Better yet, why hadn’t I taken cooking classes, become a certified nutritionist, and obtained a nursing degree?  I wish I had had the forethought to prepare myself better for motherhood.  Hindsight, right? 

What was I doing in my twenties?  Why didn’t I know that as a mother I would want to live in a beautifully decorated home with adorable, cozy bedrooms for each of my children?  How could I not anticipate wanting to be able to cook a different, healthy, tasty meal for my family each night of the week? How did I not foresee that I would want to have the quick fix answer to each and every ailment my babies brought to me?  Man, what on earth was I doing with myself??  

Oh, wait.  That’s right.  Motherhood was not guaranteed.  I did not grow up in a fairy tale. Without that crystal ball, I went ahead and earned an economics degree which, today, helps me understand the world economy, run our household budget and take care of my family’s investments.   I was having fun being young and carefree which, today, allows me to relax and enjoy my role as a responsible mother knowing that I had my turn to run wild.  I was building a career to support myself so that I could survive and thrive on my own should I not realize my dream of love and motherhood and so I could help support my ‘hoped for’ future family.

It must be mentioned that I was also quite busy finding my way through the fog of unsuitable suitors.  As a result, I believe I am well prepared to help these children of mine through some tough broken hearts down the road should help be needed.  And, let me be an example of perseverance….I did score them a winner of a dad.

So, dear Pottery Barn catalogues, don’t stress me out.  I may not be the perfect homemaker with rooms that could grace your pages, but I am a good, intelligent mom with different life experiences to bring to this motherhood role I did manage to land.   No more mountain climbing for me.


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