Potty Training - Part 1: The Adventure Begins!

Much to my annoyance, Milo's Kita (nursery/daycare) took it upon themselves to start potty training him. A couple of weeks ago I picked Milo up to find he was soaking wet and nappyless. When asking why he didn't have a nappy on, the teacher told me that she had forgotten to put it back on. I was more then a little miffed at the time but calmed down pretty quickly and just made a mental note of the incident. Then, a week later, Milo's dad picked him up to find he was once again wearing no nappy. He too asked, a little confused, to be told that they had tried Milo on the potty. He called me later that day and I was fuming when told that the kita had started potty training without asking our permission first or even informing us that they were doing it! I wanted to have a word about this with Milo's teacher but the couple of times I saw her following the incident, she was either surrounded by people or highly stressed so I decided those occassions were maybe not the best for me to have some stern words. Then, last week, when dropping Milo off one morning she came to see to ask how I would feel about them starting potty training with Milo? Before I had the chance to answer, she followed by saying ''we started last week anyway''?!!!!! What the heck?! So she was both asking my permission and telling me she was doing it anyway?! Hmmmm. I was so shocked and taken aback by the cheek of it that I couldn't say much at the time and so I said I was happy to go ahead with it but that I wasn't sure Milo was ready.

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