Potty Training Problem - Advice needed!

So, I potty trained my son last October when he was 2.5 years old (He'll be 3 in May)

We took it slowly and if he wanted to use the potty he did, if he didn't we didn't push him. It went really well and within a couple of weeks he was fully trained, night time and everything!


About a week ago now, he has just started wetting himself out of nowhere.

He hasn't been sick, there hasn't been any big changes or problems or anything that I can say would cause him to go backwards. He's not wetting the bed at night which is something.

We don't give out to him or anything when it happens, we just explain that he should tell Mammy or Daddy if he needs to use the toilet instead of letting it happen in his pants. He says "Ok" generally and then it happens again..

Anyone have their kid go backwards with the potty training??

Do I just let it run its course and hope he gets back on track?

Any advice would be very welcome, thanks :-)

 LJM x

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