Potty Training: The Results

Potty Training - The Results

As I am due in a couple of weeks, I really wanted to have my 23 month old toddler out of diapers. I was trying to avoid having two children in diapers. So we embarked on the three day adventure...

We threw out the diapers. We did a little ceremony explaining he was a big boy now. We showed him his cool new Bat-Man underwear and began.

First Day

The first time he looked alarmed as he wet his underwear and almost cried. With reassurance we cleaned him up, changed him and explained that he should tell us when he had to go. By noon we had gone through eight pairs of underwear! Who knew that they tinkled so much? No sign of registering that he should tell us when he had to go. Instead, he laughed at the trickle down his leg, or the puddles on the floor. A couple of times we were fast enough to get him on the toilet.

During nap time, he soaked himself and slept through it. Still determined we continued with a smile. The first night, I got up three times to change his sheets and in the early morning, exhausted, we continued...

Second Day

More of the same. No sign of progress. I kept reminding myself that it was only three days. That it was worth it. That soon it would click.

It didn’t.

Third Day

The nap and the night were wet and tiring for all of us and so by the third morning, I gave up. Perhaps this was the mistake, but we did have little wins to celebrate.

The Good News

Not all was lost, because now he tells us when he has gone number two, and when we should change his diaper. He also seems to be cognizant of wearing a diaper, which I believe is progress.

 What would I do different?

- Maybe wait until the child is older and can grasp the concepts more thoroughly. Some people have had great success with the three day method with two and a half year olds.

- Modify the night so it’s not so dramatic i.e. use pull-ups. Sleep deprivation + pregnancy + cranky toddler make it harder to be cheerful and patient for day two and three.

- Transition to pull-ups so they assert a sense of  independence and control. We are trying this and it seems to be working

I would love to hear from you with any tips and your experiences. We will keep persevering and will keep you posted.



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