Potty Training Success

I was asked to share how I potty trained my little guy so I thought I would also share it with you:

I have a three and a half year old boy that has been successfully
potty trained for 6 months. What I learned about my son was that he
could control his bladder and bowels just fine but it had become a
power struggle between he and I and tool of manipulation. In order to
get out of going to bed on time, my son would wait until I put him in
the bed to go “poop”. I would of course put him on the toilet well
before bedtime and encourage him to go but he could sit there for EVER
and not go until he had his pajamas on and in the bed.

One day I had come home exhausted, stressed, and just not willing to
deal with the constant struggle of potty training. I faithfully put my
son on the toilet with zero success and proceeded to put him in the
bed. Ten minutes after lights out I see out of the corner of my eye an
awful lot of movement in my son’s room. I turned on the lights to find
him jumping up and down in the middle of the bed NAKED! He stopped
bouncing immediately and pointed to the floor and announced “POOP
mommy”. The dirty diaper was sitting in the middle of the floor with
it’s contents piled a foot away. Furthermore it was nicely spread all
over the sheets from when he apparently slid buck naked out of the bed
onto the floor.

In a fit of rage I snatched my unsuspecting toddler and shoved him
into a showere that was probably a little on the cold side. Now I knew
my son didn’t like showers but it was eleven oclock and there was no
way I was going to run a bath. My son screamed and howeld bloody murder
as I washed is soiled behind, dried, and clothed him.

The next day before our nightly ritual I told my son that if he
didn’t go poop in the toilet he was going to get a shower. “NO,” he
exclaimed, “I don’t want a shower, I have to go potty.” And that was
that! No more diapers from then on out. Even through the night he stays
dry. Every day he announces “If I poop on Thomas (his character
underware) I get a shower” and he greatfully gets on the toilet.


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