Potty Training Woes

My daughter just turned three at the beginning of March. She has not been very cooperative in the potty training area of things. When she was eighteen months old, she did sit on the potty and actually use it for all of her potty needs, but that stopped after about a week.

I have been trying everything to get her to potty train. She just is not interested/ready. I am chalking this up to the fact that we recently moved and had a baby in July. It seems that it has definitely thwarted any and all progress that we were making. I have read a lot of information about it and they cite the birth of a sibling and moving as two major stressors in their lives; they also state that potty training will, most likely, be delayed or ineffective at these times of a child's life.

I am not trying to make excuses of why she isn't trained yet, aside from: she just isn't ready. I have received so many negative comments from family, friends and even strangers about this subject. Why is it a stranger's business whether or not my child is potty trained in the first place?

I have been told by my grandmother that I should: "Send her to your mother's house for a week. She will come back 'perfectly' potty trained." Give me a break.

Others have basically bragged about how their littles were trained by eighteen months. Well, here's your cookie.

Here are some things that she is doing, though. I wish I could say potty training was one of them.

My daughter is, what I consider to be, very intelligent. She can recognize and count up to the number 40. She was counting up to 20 when she was 18 months old. She knows all of her ABC's, shapes, colors (more than the basic colors) and will correct me. If she is showing me a diamond and I call it a diamond, she will say, " No mommy, that's a rhombus." She knows it is also a diamond, but apparently prefers the term "rhombus." She will refer to a sideways oval as an "Elipse." I never even knew it was called that until she told me and discovered she was, indeed, correct. These are all things she has been doing for over a year now.

She also has about 20 sight-words that she says without hesitation. She is "reading." Amazing to me. This has been going on since around the two years of age mark.

I am honestly not trying to brag, although I am quite certain it is appearing otherwise.

What I am saying is that people tend to focus on one thing that is "bad" or "not normal" in their eyes, yet fail to see all of the positive and awesome achievements that she is doing. Why is that?

What is your best potty training advice?


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