Potty Training....Fail?

We've been potty training Cassidy for about 9 months. I kid you not. 

This is what the first 8.5 months looked like:

Step 1: Buy a kiddy potty

Step 2: Put it in the living room

Step 3: Point it out to the kids and say, "Look! Potty! Don't you want to use it? All your wildest dreams will come true if you put piss and crap in it!"

Step 4: Start buying pull-ups and hope for the best

My very own poop princess

You'll be shocked but it didn't really work out all that well.

The kids may have been self-motivated to do other developmental tasks, like roll over, sit up, crawl, walk-  But potty training? Ha! Who needs it when you can sit in your own filth for hours on end?

So, a few weeks ago I'd had it. We were spending a fortune on diapers.  That was money I could've spent on something way better- like a pet sloth.

We did a little "oh crap potty training" action.  (ps- This shit works. Do it).  She was pretty much potty trained from go.  We went whole-hog and she hasn't even shat the bed at night.  And we don't have to mess with stickers or peanuts or m&m's or any of that other crap.

The daycare staff were all "We're not worthy" and were impressed with my parenting prowess.  

And then? The token potty training gone awry story that happens to everyone (it happens to everyone, right?) 

Cassidy shat on a tree last week. At daycare. Then she was proudly showing off her tree turd to the kids and teachers in her class.

On the upside, I can start saving up for that sloth.



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