Pouring rain, a pink camo bandaid, and the king of distractions...

Today was baby girl's one month check up at the pediatrician.  Simple enough.  Right?  Wrong.  Add in the biggest rainstorm of the summer and her first shot at the doctor's office (that somehow I either didn't know about or forgot about) and you have a very upsetting visit.  For everyone.  

Needless to say, I cried both harder and longer than Evie did.  I held her hands and whispered, "I love you," and "It's OK," in her ear.  She recovered about 5 seconds after we rewarded her with her pipe (one of our many terms for the pacifier, paci, bink, etc.).  It took me a little longer.  Our office is amazing though, they let us stay in the room afterwards until we are ready to leave.  I try to hustle though, because I know there are always people waiting.  I'd like to think that next time I'm annoyed from the wait back in the waiting room, I will remember that I'm not waiting for a slow as molasses professional, but rather, I'm waiting for a new mom to collect herself.  For the latter, I will always have compassion and empathy.

With the pink camoflauge band aid adorning my baby girl's otherwise perfect leg, I sighed and wondered how we were going to do heading back into the thunderstorm outside.  Fortunately, my husband came for the visit.  He pulled the car around to make the trek shorter. I was still soaked, but Evie managed to stay completely dry.  Thank goodness, I believe we already traumatized the child enough for one day!

In the car, Brian proved yet again why he is the most amazing husband.  He constantly distracts me when I need it most.  He offered to go to the grocery store while I waited with baby girl in the car.  The hope being that in the extra trip and time, the storm would let up before we had to take her out again to get her back in the house.  I didn't exactly work, but I certainly appreciated the attempt.

Brian's a master of distraction.  When things are getting stressful, or when I'm creating stress out of thin air (a nasty habit of my over-worrying self), Brian can step in with the most wonderful distraction.  Example...

"Jennie...I had a great idea for a band.  We could start a band for kids and call ourselves 'The Plain White Onesies.'   Our debut will be, 'I went twosie in my onesie.'  We'll take Evie on the road with us."

Hilarious.  To me, the man is funnier than Robin Williams and Dane Cook combined.  He of course added several other tunes to the list and even offered me some sample lyrics.  Now I don't think Simon Cowell will be knocking on our door anytime soon, but the laughter does melt the worries away.  I am a lucky woman.  Laughter truly is the best medicine, no pink camo band aid required.

Move over, Wiggles!  I'll try anything to turn this gig as a stay-at-home-mom into a permanent position, yes, even singing ridiculous children's songs!


Good news -- Evie had a stellar report from the doctor on her first visit.  We are very blessed.  Does anyone else get super stressed out taking their child to their WELL/Check-up visits??

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