Powder Rooms That Make a Statement

There are specific rooms that I believe a homeowner should spend a little extra money in.  The main ones you might know are the kitchen, master suite, living, family, and dining, but many often forget the powder room.  Yes, I said the powder room; this is the one bathroom that many of your guests will use while visiting your home.  Shouldn't it stand out?


Normally your powder room is centrally located to the main living and entertaining areas, and you yourself might use this bathroom throughout the day rather than your own personal one.  So why not spend a little more time when designing this space?  Give it a little wow factor.


You ask how do I give my powder room that extra spark.  There are so many ways to do this, from the walls to the plumbing fixtures, to the countertops, to the cabinet, to the accessories, to the lighting.  You will need to set up the budget you are willing to spend in this room, and depending on the budget will determine where you will want to spend most of your money.


First lets start with the walls.  Select a beautiful wallcovering or special finish.  Depending on what you put on your walls, will let the space speak for itself.  A luxurious or bold wallcovering can be your main focal point,  allowing the cabinet, plumbing and lighting fixtures and mirror to become secondary.


Ritz Carlton Showcase Apartment Designer: Frank Ponterio

Traditional Home

Or if you're not a fan of wallcovering or special finishes on the walls, but want those walls to be the main attraction, tile the walls or one wall.  Tile the entire wall or create a wainscoting of tile on all the walls...endless options.

New Ravenna Mosaics

Jane Page Design Group

Ann Sacks via 


Since I mentioned tile, design the tile flooring to have a pattern or use a patterned mosaic accent in the center of the bathroom, or create a border around the room.

Jane Page Design Group


Jane Page Design Group


Now on to the plumbing fixtures.  Selecting beautiful sinks and faucets can make the world of difference.  The sink bowl can be mounted on the surface or below or in between.

Designer Jamie Drake

Architectural Digest


And the vanity can make a huge difference in the space.  You can really determine what style your bathroom will be by the vanity selection.

Designer Sara Howell via Segreto Finishes via 


Jane Page Design Group

Anything But Plain


The lighting really sets the ambiance of the space.  Sconces can be elegant or simple or rustic, etc, and adding a decorative hanging fixture as well as the sconces can really dress up a space.  If you really want to set the mood, put the lighting on dimmers and have the lighting set up when your guests are over.

Linda Floyd Interiors

Anything But Plain

Kips Bay Show House Designer Larry Laslo

Traditional Home


Another major impact can be your decorative mirror; select a piece that stands out or a piece that compliments the rest of the space.  It reflects the light and gives the illusion of a bigger space.  


Designer: Alex Hitz

House Beautiful

Traditional Home

I hope you enjoyed these inspirational images, and if you are needing help in redecorating your powder room or bathroom, please contact Christy (christy@viningdesign.com) at Vining Design for more information on how we can help you do so.




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