Powdered Flavored Drink Mixes, bad for the intestines, great for crafts!

   Today I found a very old half open packet of grape flavored drink mix in my kitchen closet. I probably brought it at a weak moment at the supermarket, when my kids were young .

   Anyway, as I thought about which toxic dump I would take it to, some of it spilled on my favorite white cotton embroidered tablecloth, I quickly tried to rinse it and the stuff would not come out!!! After a primal yell and calming down,  I thought, Mmmm.

    I went to my craft room/ married daughter's abandoned bedroom and pulled out a swatch of white cotton fabric and sprinkled the rest of the stuff on it.

       At first the swatch was a mass of color that looked black purple but after a few rinses and a few drops of liquid dish detergent, the swatch became a nice pastel shade of purple. Needless to say, I began thinking of the possiblities in terms of crafting.

 I plan to play around with using that stuff for tie dying, painting fabric, yarn and other materials that absorb liquids.

  So, crafters, on the next visit to the supermarket check out some powdered flavored drink mix, it comes in all sorts of colors, OOPS, I mean flavors. You can get five packets for about a dollar, which is pretty cheap for an assortment of "dyes".

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