The Power of Creating a Positive Work Environment

One of the biggest tasks a CEO will be presented with early on, no matter how established the business or brand new the start-up, is creating a work environment that works. It’s a careful combination of achieving the goals of a business while staying aligned with the company’s values and keeping the team enthusiastic about that vision and working together to reach that goal. This is no easy task and will prove to be one that you’ll find yourself constantly refining and working on for years to come but with my tips, you can lay out the groundwork to start off your positive work environment on the right foot.

Use words that engage and persuade.

In a recent study conducted by the MIT Sloan School of Management, it was discovered that one of the most persuasive words to use during conversation in the workplace is “yeah!” Ranking right alongside that word are “start,” “meeting,” “people,” “give,” and “discuss” – words notable for engaging all groups and increasing the likelihood of agreement in the workplace. Words to scrap from the list? Try to avoid using “drive” and results.”

Place an importance on internal growth and teamwork.

Every member of your team has a strength of their own that they bring to the table so encourage your team members to play up to where their talents lie and take initiative as much as possible. By taking initiative, your team will be able to grow even further within their roles at your company and within that growth comes the growth of their departments. And while providing some supervision is never a bad idea, you’ll want to avoid micromanaging every little thing that goes on in the workplace too.

Communicate often and encourage others to reach out!

Remember that creating a positive working environment has to start from the source – you! Commit to communicating often with your team and always encourage them to reach out to you with any questions or comments they may have, whether it’s through email or even a visit to your office. And install an open door policy whenever possible to make that visit even easier to make!