The Power Of Giving

You have the greatest power in the ability to give- time, money, effort, an ear to listen. In that power of giving is a lasting legacy that no one can take away or belittle. The power of giving is an afterthought until its namesake holiday and even then its diluted down to words and not actions.

Too little people know the energy and hope in even the smallest acts of kindness and unsolicited help. Simply, the energy and light stem from a situation of distress and isolation that you have relieved by giving. Even more simple- give, give, give- let that be your motto and your natural instinct; your generosity will be repaid by unwavering thanks and reciprocity. I have given though not often enough or with enough enthusiasm and this is when that changes.

Recently, I was reminded of a passion I have to help others but have not dedicated myself to. In fact, I was reminded of that passion as I drove home from a commencement of a 10 month selfless dedication to community service, a commencement for friends whom I admire and look up to. As I drove home from that celebration I found myself in a situation… As I drove through the snowy Colorado mountains, my car began to slide on the road which led to a loss of control and a crash into a snowbank.

Inexperienced and scared I thought I could figure it out and quickly recover so I tried to dig the car out of the snow only to find my tires aimlessly spinning. I checked my phone with no service to find my mind and heart racing; unfortunately I didnt come across anyone who would stop to help even as I flagged them to do so. I continued to scratch at the snow until eventually unsolicited help came my way. A generous gentleman from New Mexico, Julian, stopped to tow me out of the snowbank. He took the time to make sure that I was safe and lead me out of the snow storm.

I could not thank him enough and the most beautiful thing is that all he asked for in return was for me to get home safe. I did find myself out out of the immediate situation but I had to recognize that it happened, I was scared and it was ok that I needed, accepted and was thankful for help. I continued and made it home safely thanks to Julian.

I will never forget the energy and hope Julian gave me in that situation and beyond it. I am determined to repay that with kindness and generosity to someone else who wont necessarily be in a position to ask for my help but who needs it, will appreciate it and will repay it to someone else. In my work of giving- in any and all appropriate forms- I urge you to join me. There isnt a quota, time table or monetary minimum to anything that you give, just a need.

I encourage you to take this busy time of your life and make time for others. Take that time to repay it forward, backward and all around with what you can- the power of giving. The person or people who are lucky enough to know your kindness will thank you. They will and I will give thanks for your charity, your energy and your light.

Today, I am thankful for Julian and his kindness; tomorrow i’ll be thankful for my ability to do the same.


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