The Power to Live Your Best Life Now

As children we were often asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Based on our dreams or what we had seen other adults do or be, we responded with zest and zeal about what we wanted to do or be. We were emphatic about becoming, a doctor, a lawyer, a chef, a mechanic, an entrepreneur. As life evolved for each of us, our dreams changed, the path of life changed and we became who we are today…or have we? Much of what we do or not do in life revolves around the choices that we make and some of those choices can cause us to lose our fire, especially if the choice that we made didn’t fulfill our dream. Think about it, as a young person there was nothing that could stop you from going after what you wanted except fear and you probably found a way around it or just tackled it all together, right? So what happens when we become adults, what happens to the fire?

Hands of Faith



As we age, we often think that we can’t do or achieve any more than we already have because of our age. Take the average 50-year old man or woman. They’ve worked mostly all of their lives, have the beautiful home, children, put the kids through college, pay the bills and life becomes route, mundane. We don’t think of the next phase of life except in terms of retirement. Unfortunately, for most, when retirement does come, we don’t take advantage of the extra time on our hands by doing some of the things that we love. There is no more absolute passion for life, no thoughts about the future. However, understand this; if you don’t understand anything else, your life journey has many paths. If you haven’t found and fulfilled your purpose, now is the time to do it. Understand that you are Not an Accident Your life has purpose. It’s up to you to discover it. So what is it that you have always wanted to do and/or be and just never go around to it? The one thing in your life that you are so passionate about that your thoughts keep brining you back to it or, as you go through life, you wish you had explored it but put it off. It’s no accident. Until you explore the possibilities, it will continue to nag at you until you do something with it.

Raising your Level of Expectation

When you live your passion, what do you expect? What will it change in your life and the lives of others? True story, while my mom worked in the medical field for many years and wanted to become a nurse, she never had the opportunity to go back to school, so she worked as a medical assistant. It was fulfilling to her and she often found herself teaching others what she knew, even the nurses. They looked to her for guidance, and for her expertise when dealing with patients. When she retired, she moved out the state and decided that she wanted to go back to work part-time doing what she loves as a medical assistant but when she accepted a position, the place where she worked was very critical of her way of doing things and she lost her fire, her confidence and quit. My sister needed a baby sitter to watch her infant and kindergartener, so she asked my mom if she could help. Her patience and passion for helping them with their homework and the good grades that they receive are a result of the discipline that she has instilled in them. She set an expectation for herself to be more than a retired person. Because she set that expectation and instilled an expectation of excellence in her grandchildren’s school -work, at 70-years old, she was asked to work in the local school as a reading teacher for kindergarten, first and second graders. Her passion for teaching led her to this moment in her retired years to do something greater. She reinvented herself. She flipped the switch on her attitude that she wasn’t useful to that of being “useful.” Your life will follow your expectations.

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words, watch your words, they become your actions, watch your actions they become your character, watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

Flip the Switch on Your Attitude

Your mind is similar to a computer. What you program into it will dictate how it will function, in other words, your attitude. Think about this for a moment, if you were to say that you hate your computer and the output that it gives you, you have only yourself to blame for what you programmed into it. You can have the most powerful computer in the world, but if you program it with the wrong software, it’s not going to function the way that you want it to, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. It’s been rendered useless. It’s like a computer virus entered your computer and caused damage. That’s what negative thoughts do to us as we replay all of the things that hurt us in life or made us feel inferior, etc. It is a virus of your mind. It affects the attitude we have toward our circumstances, our lives, others and ourselves. The subconscious mind holds onto the pain, hurt from the past, and keeps it with you in the present. In order to change your circumstances you have to change your attitude. Instead of saying that I’ll never get that new client, simply say to yourself, I’m going to get that new client and it may not be right now, but I will get them as my client. Manifest destiny!

Developing a Mindset for Growth and Prosperity

So how do we manifest destiny? I recently learned that it is much simpler than I thought. A woman I recently met told me about “the God box.” Now bear with me here because to some this may sound a little cray, cray but it works! The woman made a valid point that we often want things in our lives that we envision having, doing or being and we experience the pleasure that it brings to our minds and to our hearts but in the same vision we cancel it out. We cancel it out with negative thoughts. It is not until we get rid of the negative thoughts that we actually experience what we desire. I resonated with her statement because I have experienced times when I had no negative thoughts and manifested what I wanted and other times where I wanted something and had negative thoughts and it never came-to- pass. Therefore, she presented us with an exercise called “the God box” (or your higher power). Anytime we ask God or the universe for something and we have a negative thought, we should write the negative thought down to release it from us and place it in a container to rid ourselves of it. Now, I was feeling a little anxious about an experience I had recently with a doctor’s office so I took my slip of paper and wrote it down and placed in the God box. Then I asked God for a wonderful experience where I wasn’t anxious or stressed out. I left my cares in that box. The next day I went to that doctor’s office to pick up my test results to bring to another doctor and I was at peace and so were the people in the office. Trust me; if you had seen me the week earlier, it wasn’t a pretty interaction. The point here is that I trusted in the process and let the anxiety go and I was able to manifest a successful interaction with no negative thoughts prior to arriving at the doctor’s office. We have the potential to manifest the great and the not so great just by the thoughts we think and the words we use. The same night, I of course wanted to experience more of the positive so I bought myself a journal for all of the good things I want in my life and created a “God box” of my own for the negative thoughts. Symbolically, I am giving my cares to God, who is my higher power and I realize that I have the power to manifest what I want in my life by turning off the negative switch so that I can live my best life now.

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