The Power Of (Spray) Paint

So in case you haven't heard or believed the scuttlebutt about the Rustoleum spray paint miracle, let me tell you what - I've spray painted everything the eye can see in our house. Almost, anyway. 
Below are some of the amazing revamps that led to Rustoleum changing my life, and saving my wallet. 
I used the Oil Rubbed Bronze for our door handles. It took nearly two bottles, but I painted 10 mismatched door knobs. Look at that before and after!

I also painted our formerly wood and brass ceiling fan, a knicked-up knife block, silver dresser handles, wooden toilet paper holders, two brass towel racks (below), a wood-paneled mini fridge, and a black chandelier with this stuff. Its addicting! It sprays on so flawlessly and dries with a bit of texture, just like the real thing. A new ceiling fan alone would have topped nearly $200, so a $7 bottle was well worth the time and investment. 



Overall, I've used about 4 bottles and couldn't be happier with the results. I think I'm going to do the shower curtain rod and then I'll call it quits! Maybe :P
Using the Gloss White I FINALLY updated all of our outlet covers and light switches. Some were gold (eww), and some cream. I removed all of the plates and painted them outside - all the screws too! This made certain that everything matched once put back together...
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