The Power of the Tongue

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Everyone has heard of the saying  “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”  If you’ve ever had someone you love say something really ‘mean’ to you then you know that is not true.   Words do not just hurt peoples relationships, it can destroy them.  I know that sometimes in heated arguments, you tend to say things to hurt your mate.  Have you ever wondered why?  Have you ever wondered what is it about yourself  that would make you say such a thing?  Sometimes things in our lives can stress us out.  We always seem to take this out on the wrong person- the person we love.  I know I have said some bad things to my mate which then made him say some bad things to me and vice verse.  After saying hurtful words to my mate, it made me feel horrible to see that I had hurt the man I loved with terrible words that I didn’t mean.  Some things were so hurtful, that it kept us from sleeping.  And it was all unnecessary. 

Sometimes when two people are having an argument or a disagreement, it can escalate very quickly.  When you feel that moment coming, it is OK to take a few minutes and go into another room to calm down.  So much more will get accomplished when you can talk things out without saying something to hurt one another.  “The Power of the Tongue” can be just as piercing as a knife entering the flesh.  That’s how bad it can hurt. 

Be mindful of the words you use towards the person you love.  After the argument, your mate will most likely say that he or she didn’t mean what they said.  But words just don’t go away like that.  They stick with a person for a very long time.  You constantly ponder in your mind why he/she said that.  You then begin to wonder if what they said is true.  Now your self esteem has been invaded.  You start to feel worthless.  Sometimes you may even blame yourself  for the harsh words that were said to you.   I am hear to say that no one deserves to be destroyed with words. 

Please be careful of what you say to your mate because sometimes we say things that are too hurtful.  When our marriage begins to deteriorate,  we wonder what happened to our marriage/relationship.  By then it may be too late.  

With that being said, shower your mate with loving words consistently and don’t pierce your mate with harmful words. 

Looking forward to your comments. 

Shalinda Foster


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