The Power Of Words

I have always loved words. When I was young the words in a book took me places that I had only dreamed of.  I went on adventures and became people that otherwise seemed out of reach. For me words painted a picture that was so vivid, so real, that for a while I was someone else.

It wasn’t until I was an adult that I really understood the power of words. How words can unite people, start a movement, bring hope and yes, hurt. That once a word is spoken, it can’t be taken back. That people will believe words that are untrue and give life to that untruth.

Words are so powerful that they can ruin a career, or make one. Many of us speak without thinking. Not realizing most of the time how words impact people. How a thoughtless remark can bring pain or a word of encouragement can make someone’s day.

In my own life I try to be aware of this fact.  I try, I said try, to think about my words. Speaking without thinking is kind of like sending a email. Once its gone you can’t get it back and it’s out there somewhere, where anyone can see it.

I have had my share of words that I wish I could take back. But the older I get, the more I think about the reasons I want to say something. Is it to help or hurt? Will it change anything or will I just be venting and perhaps ruin a relationship.

Words are emotions put to sound so we can share them. Before we utter a word emotions are just ours. We are alone in our anger, misery, grief and happiness.  Speaking the words changes our aloneness.  Words put to music become songs, words on paper become books and the spoken word can define us.

Yes, I really do love words, for nothing can replace the intimate conversation between lovers, a comforting word from a parent or words of support from a friend.    Three little words can change a life “I love you” and one word can destroy “hate”.

Words are powerful Perhaps words should come with a warning – use with caution. However you use your words, I hope that more often than not you use the power of the word to bring comfort, to uplift, to teach.  Wield the power of the word carefully, I know I will.

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