Practice Creating A Hyperlink

In my mid-twenties, I decided to become a vegetarian. My ex-husband had gone fishing, and he when he got home, he put the two fish he caught in the sink. I presume he brought them home in a bucket of water, because they were still alive. They began flapping and thrashing around in the sink. I didn't watch, so I don't know if he slit them open while they were still alive. Knowing my ex, he just might've done that. I refused to cook them, nor did I want to eat them. The vision and sound of their flapping in the sink stayed with me. I decided then and there I would never again eat an animal. I think, actually, after all this time, I might have been more horrified with the way my ex handled the fish, and that he relished eating them.

My vegetarianism lasted for two years. This was in the mid seventies. I don't have any problem eating meat today, even if the meat industry itself horrifies and disgusts me. I think eating meat is natural. It's the meat industry that isn't natural. But this is the modern way of life, as opposed to the ways of my ancestral indigenous people.

My problem with veganism is that they eat processed food, man-made food. And it doesn't make sense to me that they eat soy products made to look like cuts of meat. They eat soy burgers, and soy steaks, and soy turkey. They eat fake cheese, vegan cheese is a soy product made to look like cheese. (My half-sister is a vegan, and she eats this stuff.) 

I came across this article about a study which concluded that vegans have lower bone density. It also suggests that vegetarians who include eggs and dairy in their diets faired better. At least, there was litte difference in bone density as compared to persons who eat meat. (No doubt, there are studies concluding that vegetarianism is healthier, and probably even that eating meat causes lower bone density.)

O.K., I wanted to practice creating a hyperlink. If this works, in the paragraph above, the eighth word, "study", should link to an article. If it doesn't, I have to figure out why this didn't work.


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