In praise of the $27 lip gloss

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Before you begin chucking overripe fruit in my general direction, let me begin by saying that I am far from being a beauty product snob. Sure, I LIKE the pricey stuff, but that's not to say that I shun everything else. My makeup bag is a jumble of high and low end products culled from every source imaginable. I reach for my Nars lip pencil (Morocco) and my Wet n' Wild one (the creepily named 666) with equal enthusiasm. I have MacGuyver'ed random household objects into effective beauty tools. A drum-sized tub of Aquaphor is my all-purpose beauty potion. Basically, with the exception of the Bird Poop Facial, I embrace pretty much anything that will keep me looking presentable.

And yet.

There's something almost...magical about opening an expensive lip gloss. Chanel's Glossimers are my drug of choice, so to speak. I find them to be, quite simply, the absolute best glosses around in terms of colors and texture (so shiny! And not sticky!), but more than that, they hold a sentimental place in my heart.

I distinctly recall that a Glossimer gloss was my very first "fancy" makeup purchase after I finished college and started my first job. I was living in a tiny apartment in a sketchy NYC neighborhood, and had just graduated from secretly stealing toilet paper from my parents (under the guide of "just dropping by to say hi!") to realizing that I was actually going to make it on my own. (Cue the Tossing of the Beret!) I was on my way home from work one sunny fall day, and passed by Saks. I don't know what it was that drew me to the Chanel counter; maybe I figured that though I couldn't yet afford "real" Chanel, I could give myself a taste there. Whatever the reason, I found the perfect shade, forked over the cash, and walked out happily clutching my new gloss. I applied it the instant I got home, marveling at the sleek packaging, the golden interlocking "C"s embossed on top, and above all, the way the gloss made me look and feel. An aspirational purchase? Sure. But not a regrettable one.

Perhaps it's silly, or not your thing, but I've always felt like the right (or wrong!) makeup can influence your mood. All I know is that was nearly seven years ago, and I still get a little thrill every time I pull a Chanel (or Nars) gloss out of my makeup bag, tangled as they are among the drugstore glosses. I don't know about you all, but I do often feel that I'm being pulled in approximately 372 different directions, and I must say, it feels GOOD to take a moment for myself, and indulge in (even the tiniest bit of) extravagance. So while $27 may seem a bit steep for what essentially amounts to a tube of colored petroleum jelly (uh, I'm guessing?), the quality of the product and the experience it creates (well, for me, anyway) make it well worth the price.

What are your favorite little beauty luxuries?

Metalia also blogs here. Sometimes, she writes insanely detailed posts about every lip gloss currently in her possession.




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