In praise of dirty rooms

In praise of dirty rooms, by Cindi Chavez Cordova

I look over my house, it is late and quiet.  My friends will tell you that although I am sentimental, I am fairly realistic and not too maudlin.  I love my children and have experienced each step in their lives with the proper amounts of pride and hope.  I had the oldest children of my group, the first to day care, the first to kindergarten, to the horrid halls of middle school, to girlfriends and cliques, to driving and prom as well as the first to college.  Each event has come with a small tug of the heart, a sigh of relief and a smile as they succeed.

Now I become the learned evangelist.

So set up the soap box and lend an ear,

            Clean Rooms are overrated!

At this time of year, my thoughts turn to parents of small children and young teens.  I think of the hours of agony associated with “cleaning your room”, of “everything in its place”, of ‘when so & so comes over?” 

I suggest that you pick of the book instead of the broom, lose yourself in the magic pull of dolls or racing cars, and choose the child over the vacuum. 

Keep the perspective that the “point” of parenting is the child, not the “house”.  Hold all childhood moments precious.

There will be a time when the house is always quiet and clean - be able to say that you spent the moments up until then wisely.


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