In Praise of Friendship

How did I get so lucky?

I have a best friend who also happens to be my husband... who loves me unconditionally, and encourages me to follow my dreams, and keeps me laughing at life.

I have friends who choose to spend time with me... who are fun, and creative, and live joyfully with an expectation of good things.

I have friends who trust me enough to share with me... who open their hearts, and expose their vulnerabilities, and invite me to learn more about them.

I have friends who care and let me be me... who listen, and advise, and offer their insight.

I have friends who are far away... who remember our history, and stay in touch, and keep the flame of friendship lit.

I have friends who I've never met in person... who encourage, and support, and share their resources.

I have friends who are bright and beautiful and talented... who warm my heart, and enrich my life, and make even bad days brighter.

I have an abundance of love.
I have the shelter of friendship.
I have uncountable blessings.

How did I get so lucky?



(Original post in Alphabet Salad.)

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