Praising Children “My Sh!T Dog” By Mr 5.

Praising Children


This is a piece of school work, written phonetically by my son when he was five and in prep

Praising children

I love the way young children write as their innocence comes alive on paper.


Praising Children; Tell Them The Reason


His teacher has praised and commented on his work, with the reason as to why it’s good.

When you praise a child, it is  important to explain why you are pleased with them, it gives the child a comprehension and understanding of how well they have done and why you are pleased with them.

Saying “That’s good”  or “You are a good girl/boy” without touching on the specifics, does not give the child any guidelines to why you are happy with them.

Since this writing piece over a year ago, my son remembers most of the time that using a capital letters and full stops are important and make his writing better.


Praising Children Helps Behaviour

So remember praising children is good, say your proud but follow through with the reason why, it will make a big difference, especially when you apply it to child behaviour.

It reinforces to the child why he is being praised and utimaltely every child does want their parents love and approval, the reinforcement  by you ,will help them repeat the positives.

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