A Prayer on the Eve of a New School Year

School starts tomorrow, bright and early. The kids are clean, the clothes are set out, the forms are completed and signed. Their lunches are planned, ready to be packed in lunch boxes with their names. The new backpacks are by the door. My boys giggled and chatted in their bunk beds despite several reminders to get some sleep. When my voice turned sharper, they finally quieted down and are now sound asleep.

This year is different, though, as I will be sending both my boys into school this year. Now, I won't just be letting half my heart run into a school building each day, but my whole heart will be residing in classrooms. I know I have to let them go. I know they need to go. But that doesn't mean I am not frightened, and a little sad at how fast they are growing up.

So all I can really do, is say a prayer tonight as I prepare to take my boys to their first day of school tomorrow. Here is my prayer on the eve of a new school year.

Dear God,

Please watch over my babies each day as they leave my arms and enter schools.

Give my boys the wisdom to be kind to others. Give them the courage to talk to the kid no one else will be seen with. Give them the perfect sight to see good in others. Give them the self-confidence to stand up to bullies, tell them to stop, and walk away.

Give my sons the desire to learn and the persistence to keep trying when learning is difficult. Give my oldest the patience to work through his frustration at not being perfect at things right away. Give my youngest the discipline to know when to make everyone laugh and when not to.

Give their teachers your guidance and strength to handle the difficult calling you have blessed them with. Fill their hearts with love that overflows, so my children enter a room each day where they know they are loved.

Give me the peace to live in a world where my children's safety is not guaranteed because they are in a school. Give me the long range sight to understand the need to let go, to push my boys at times, to give them space, and to let them do things and handle situations on their own.

Thank you, God, for the gift of these boys; for choosing me to be their mother. Help me to treasure each day with them, even when the hours seem like years. Help me teach them to be the men you want them to be.

God, please be with all of us, as we start another school year tomorrow. 



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