Prayers for my Little Susie

The past few days have been rough for my family here in Charlotte, North Carolina in the US and in my hometown of Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental in northern Mindanao, Philippines.

I chose to keep silent for the first few days and privately pleaded to friends to launch a prayer brigade for my granddaughter Susane Lorette Palmes or Little Susie.

Susane, who's named after me, contracted dengue and landed at the intensive care unit of Sabal Hospital in nearby Cagayan de Oro City, also in Misamis Oriental, northern Mindanao, Philippines.

Pardon my ignorance but the initial reports I received were that infection set in on her brain resulting to seizure and in my frantic search for answers, I went to Google. I thought then that Susane had high fever and her platelets went down, which are the usual symptoms of dengue.

For a child I think the normal complete blood count (CBC) count is 150 and her platelets went down to 16 last Friday.

White veil
Now Susane is still in the ICU for constant monitoring of her vital signs. In my previous article I talked about dengue and today, I want to talk about the power of prayers and how Susane's plight brought me closer to God.

I wanted to share what I experienced last Monday, July 14. On that day, I wanted to hear Mass but I don't have a ride.

I told myself I can walk from Oakhurst to St. Mark Street and my phone rang and on the other end was my husband Ronnie. He said “Babe do you want to go to church?” I was shocked I nearly fell on the floor. I told him yes, I want go church.

I was lucky since the nine o' clock Mass had yet to start. After Mass I went to the Perpetual Adoration Chapel also at St. Mark Street.

I stayed there for about an hour and when I went inside I saw a corner which looks like a store to me that houses religious relics, rosaries, prayer books, religious jewelry and in one corner, a white veil.

Talking to myself again, I said “I want to have a veil but I don’t have money in my pocketbook.” With a heavy heart, I left the chapel and went straight to the waiting car.

When I was in the car Ronnie handed me a small plastic package with blue markings printed with the word “traditions: gifts for a life of faith.” Inside was a lace Veil 36 triangular veil.

I was speechless and I was thankful when thinking about it. On receiving the veil, I felt the cold air on the nape of my neck and the hair on my skin stood on end.

I believe, as many people do that things happen for a reason. Some may call it synchronicity. Others call it luck but I call it miracles.

Prayer brigade
When I received news about Susane, I immediately contacted Consuelo “Sueng” Sabio, a friend of mine back in the Philippines who heads the Women for Christ (WFC) of which I am a member and asked her to pray for Little Susie.

I can only imagine she gathered the women for Christ and started the prayer brigade. She also informed me that she would contact Benie Sy of Alpha Tukod.

I messaged Fr. Stephen Abao Olario who immediately responded to my request. Here at North Carolina I wrote Rev. Cielo Bueno Kramer in Greensboro who also prayed for my request and Susan Claire Wild of St. Mark Catholic Church who is our leader in the Rosary Makers group and asked them to mobilize a prayer brigade that would storm the heavens with petitions for divine healing.

I also asked my sister-in-law Cheryle Dennis and her husband Bill. I knew they had a Bible study last Wednesday and they started with their prayers too. JS and Peggy Reid, a good friend of Ron also asked Susane's complete name so they can pray for her.

I was going crazy that I talked to strangers and asked prayers. Family friend Dana and Ramon Pensado called from Texas and with their mother prayed with me over the phone.

She spoke in rapid Spanish during her prayers which I understood a little like the term “poquito” as she asked God to heal Little Susie.

I was restless and anxious for three days especially when there is a blackout of information from home. My instincts later proved right when I was informed later that Susane's family were all at the ICU because she had a seizure and the infection reportedly set in on her brain.


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