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This year, we have added a new track of programming to the schedule, comprised of sessions brought to you by our sponsors. While we have, for years, eschewed a "pay for play" approach to session programming, and have therefore avoided pitching or "shilling" from the BlogHer stage, we also know that the top companies in the world sponsor BlogHer...and that top companies often are doing top research and can share top insights. We decided there had to be a way to share great information with attendees, while delivering the best and most diverse programming we could.

It starts with disclosure, and sustains by adding authentic voices from the community to round out every conversation. We think we've cracked the code, and we're proud to bring this amazing track of sessions to the conference. I hope you'll agree with me that these session should be favorited in our brand new conference app

So, please check out the Sessions from our Sponsors. And click on the title links to visit the full description of each session:

Friday, August 5th

10:30AM-11:45AM: Being the CTO of Your Life, brought to you by Samsung
This session is all about finding the best apps to help you manage your life, whether that means calendaring, shopping, fitness, work...all of the above. I don't know about you, but now there are so many apps, that's become overwhelming too! Luckily you have experts on hand like Digitwirl's Carley Knoblach and ShePost's Tech writer Grace Duffy, among others, to help you identify the apps that are most relevant and useful to you.

1:15PM-2:30PM: Success On Our Own Terms, A Discussion with Huffington Post Women, brought to you by AOL
Huffington Post has launched a new women's section of the "Internet Newspaper", and the executive editor of the section, Lori Leibovich is bringing five diverse women, all of whom have been their own definition and on their own talk about how they forged their own paths. BlogHer hosts conversations (and entire events, like Pathfinder Day and BlogHer|bet) on the subject of pursuing our passions and transforming our lives every year, and this conversation shows five different examples of that idea in action.

2:45PM-4:00PM: Technology: the Tie That Binds Parent and Child, brought to you by Verizon, Parenting Magazine and BlogHer
For the second year in a row BlogHer and Parenting Magazine are unveiling the results of our study about technology's impact on parenting at BlogHer. And Verizon brings its own data on mobile usage and behaviors to the table. You may be as amazed as I am when you see this data...particularly about how wired our kids are and at what ages. Then again, you may just find it validating!

Saturday, August 6th

10:45AM-12:00PM: The Path to Healthy Financial Balance, brought to you by Chase Blueprint
Moderated by Katherine Rosman, the Wall Street Journal's personal finance columnist (and self-described "disaster" when it comes to managing money), this panel promises to provide a wealth of information. From talking about the extreme couponing and frugal blogging phenomenon to exploring why BlogHer surveys have shown for years that we women who blog would rather talk about sex than money, get ready to get a handle on your own budgeting mojo...and on why it serves the greater good to do so.

1:30PM-2:45PM: Bring a Mobile Role Model, brought to you by LG and their TextEd Council
It's not just parents who should be worried about what their kids do with their mobile devices. Turns out, according to LG research, that adults engage in some pretty questionable behaviors too. Middle school administrator (and longtime mom blogger) Kelly Wickham moderates this discussion, and we're proud to welcome Queen Bees and Wannabes author Rosalind Wiseman, along with two teenage bloggers, to talk about what's really going on out there between us and our mobile school, at home, at work and in our cars.

The last session in this track isn't actually sponsored, but when you get the opportunity to hold an important conversation about a late-breaking story? You make some room for it:

3:00PM-4:15PM: "Coming Out" as Undocumented: The Children of Immigration; the Definition of American 
We first met Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Jose Antonio Vargas last year when he was interested in covering women and technology for his new gig at The Huffington Post. He and I bonded about our respective family members from the Philippines. Last month Jose came out as an undocumented immigrant. Or an illegal alien, depending on your perspective and lexicon. He's trying to start a conversation, and we're happy to host it, especially in a California border town, where the topic of immigration is always hot. BlogHer co-founder Lisa Stone will moderate this discussion, where Jose will be joined by the high school principal who helped him, and by two Southern Californians, one from each side of the aisle, to see if we can take the civil debate over defining American to the next level.

Please do click through and see the official agenda descriptions of each session, and all the amazing speakers we lined up. We hope you'll agree these conversations add depth and diversity to our jam-packed-with-goodness BlogHer '11 agenda.

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