Pre-PRE-Teen attitude adjustments.....

My daughter is now 9.  She's somewhere in Limbo.  Not a baby or little kid but not quite that teenager.  She's not even a "tween".  These poor girls are not only exposed to behaviors on TV  that are too old for them, but its more prevalent on the playground too.

Not to mention the simple fact their little bodies are developing faster and the clothes options are a bit.. short.  

I can no longer count on my hand how many times I've seen the "teen  - hormonal" version of my kid appear.  The constant battle to be independent.  Earn money.  Disappear to the playground for hours with her friends.  These things I'm ok with.  

Its the attitude when I ask her to do something. "Mooooooommmmm.. I know......" Now granted, I know I did this to my mom.  But I'm pretty sure I was older.  I remember being her age and still playing with my stuffed animals, my Barbies, My Little Pony.  All these things have been bagged up and replaced with Lip balm and hair clips (odd - she insists she's not a girly girl too).  These girls have seemed to forget they are little girls.  Only 9 and 10.  I caught on of the girls on the street sauntering down the street.. already pulling the "Oh.. I don't touch dirt..  I'm too pretty  for that" and teasing the boys.  And the skirt length!!  I am very blessed to have a child who is more modest and knows when its too short.  Or too tight.  But there are 3 girls or more who think they can dress like 18 year olds.  I am glad that this is a battle I don't have to fight.. yet.  But if I hear "Mom, why are you yelling" one more time, I swear to God in Heaven you'll hear me yell..   and sound like my mother.




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