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BlogHers are a creative, generous bunch, so it’s no wonder that when we put out the call for Room of Your Own ideas, you gave us much more than an arsenal of your best ideas… you were also the catalyst for creating an entirely new track: Experience.

Experience at BlogHer ’11 is as much about learning as it is about doing. In this track, you’ll get down, get dirty, and get busy alongside like-minded attendees.

Here’s what we have in store for you:

Friday, August 5, 2011

10:30am – 11:45am: Wellness for Bloggers, with yogi Ananda Leeke. Start the day with a little blogger yoga. Ananda will lead you through exercises you can do while taking a break from the keyboard. She’ll also share breathing techniques and self-care practices to help keep your bloggy mind, body and soul alert and spry for the rest of the conference (and beyond!).

1:15pm – 2:30pm: From Page to Stage, with performers Amy Wilson and Ann Imig. Have you ever participated in a reading? Have you ever wanted to step up to the mic to read your work, aloud? Maybe you’re a Voices of the Year reader, or perhaps you plan to throw your name in the hat for this year’s Listen to Your Mother/Letter to Your Mother Open Mic Salon, or maybe you have even bigger plans… like taking your show on the road! Whatever your aim, this session will help you transform your written word into a public performance.

2:45pm – 4pm: Lose Your Inhibitions, Live Your Dreams, Learn the “Single Ladies” Dance, with dancer Jenny Eckton. If you get a gleam in your eye every time you watch choreographed dance (no matter whether it’s Thriller, an MTV number, or the latest YouTube flash mob sensation); if you’ve always wanted to learn a popular dance, but never could quite piece it all together; or if you simply LOVE to dance, this is the session for you. (Fear not: You don’t have to be single to attend!) Jenny will teach you, eight-count by eight-count, each step of Beyonce's famed Single Ladies dance. Sweat it out, and then spend the rest of the weekend showing off your new moves during the evening dance parties!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

10:45am – 12pm: The Unexpected Viral Explosion, with Ashleigh Burrows (who was shot in Tucson with Rep. Gabby Giffords), Liz Henry (the blogger who uncovered the false identity of Gay Girl in Damascus), and Sarah Manley (who wrote about her son’s Halloween costume, Daphne from Scooby Doo). Sometimes experiences are best lived vicariously through others. In this session, do just that – and learn from Ashleigh, Liz, and Sarah how unexpected fame can change your blog, change you, and change your community, all while challenging you to stay grounded.

1:30pm – 4:15pm: Create a Vision Board, with Shannon Entin of The Discipline Project. When was the last time you wrote down your goals? Did you include your goals for your blog? Do you dream big dreams for your online realty? Maybe you want to write more authentically. Improve your grammar. Help others with your words. Perhaps you’re interested in driving traffic. Monetizing. Building relationships with site sponsors. Your goal could be getting published. Having your own radio or vlog show. Selling your own products. Being a household name. Whatever your vision for your blog and your life, this session is the place to chart it out and make it shine.

So, that’s it! The Experience track at BlogHer ’11 will be, well, full of experiences. And we hope you love every minute of it!


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