Pregnancy Update: I'm Growing and Glowing!

Well, I am 26 weeks down, 14 to go!! I must say this has been one of the best experiences for me!  I posted a picture on Saturday night, before I went out to dinner with some of my coworkers.  All of the likes and comments on Facebook and Instagram made me feel AMAZING about myself. Everyone says I'm beautiful and carrying my pregnancy very well and it makes me feel great!  There are some days, when I don't feel the prettiest of all.  Some days I feel horrifically tired and exhausted, and the little munchkin puts me through it; however, I feel like I'm glowing overall and I'm glad all of my friends and family feel the same.


I haven't revealed to the entire world, but I am having a girl, and her name is Kynnedy! Kynnedy is a DIVA! Lol, I've noticed that she is moving alot more this week, which makes me feel great. But the only issue, she only moves, when she wants to move LOL.  I've tried several times for my mom and grandmother to feel her kicks and punches and nudges; but she just will not budge, unless she is good and ready. Lol, I see her being a handful already.  My husband and I realized that she will move, if you watch her for an extended period of time, lol.  He sat on the couch with me with his hand on my stomach for at least 10 minutes before she decided to move.  And once she gets moving, she doesn't stop unless I'm sleeping or relaxing and not moving much.  But if I'm up, she is up.


All in all I am having the time of my life, and in 3 months she will be here! I am nervous and excited all at once! I'm ready for our adventures to begin, because I can tell with little Kynnedy, there will be tons of good times!


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