Pregnancy Woes

29 Weeks pregnant and counting down the days.  I love when my friends say they love being pregnant and don't have many issues or symptoms. That has never been the case with me.

I will say though that this pregnancy is so much easier than my first. My first I felt like I had tons of aches and pains and gained too much weight which then turned my blood pressure too high and put me on bed rest for the last month. Not to mention how hard labor and delievry was....Claire was sunny side up, the hospital was full so I was on a gurney for a couple hours in pain, use of a vacumn to get her out and she weighed 9lbs 1oz and was the joke of the day because everyone said she would be 8lbs.

Har har but at the end of the day Claire is the best and funniest toddler and it was so worth it I became pregnant again when she was only 11 months.

Having a boy this time I noticed I wasn't as sick YAY! While overall I feel better (exercising during the pregnancy as opposed to not with Claire has made a HUGE difference). I did have to suffer horribly through seasonal allergies and walked away with a sinus infection and brochitis because you can't take many allergy meds while pregnant.

The other day I also made the mistake of taking Claire to a tumbling class and had to lift her a ton. My poor back has been suffering since then. I wish I could just get a toddler assistant to pick up and carry Claire for me. It was funny because I was so confident in how good I felt this pregnancy that I thought for sure I could handle a tumbling class with her.

I don't know if this has happened to many of you but being pregnant for the second time, I woke up the other day and was like wow I only have 11 more weeks. Having 2 under 2 will be challenging and I may not get as many showers but I can't wait!

The key take away for me is that by not gaining an obsene amount of weight this time and exercising I have successfully been able to up to this point chase after my toddler and maintain a sense of strength and health. But like my last pregnancy I am starting to feel really heavy and achy. Here's to a fast and healthy 11 more weeks!



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