Pregnant and Packing for BlogHer '10: Adventures in Belly Fitting

Everyone is nervous their first time, even when they're sure to be surrounded by awesome and supportive women.  Add to that the anxiety that comes with traveling while pregnant and dressing oneself without the aide of a trusted spouse and tween. Now you're walking in my shoes--which BTW are two sizes larger than they were 6 months ago.

As we speak I'm packing and making a last minute shopping list for BlogHer Business 2010 and BlogHer Conference 2010. I can't even begin to say how excited I am to take part in these events, not to mention the opportunity to travel to NYC. As a busy professional, wife, mother and expectant mother, this is sure to be one of my last solo trips for the foreseeable future.

About two weeks ago, reality set in that I was really going on this trip and I started thinking about what to wear. Mind you this is a daily question when a full walk-in closet of pre-pregnancy clothes gets reduced down to one large drawer of maternity wear. I've gone from 3" heels and pencil skirts to flip flops and leggings, and for BlogHer this just won't do. So I started browsing online and in-stores.

Nordstrom: Great online selection and sale prices, but, surprisingly, nothing in-store. As a firm believer in trying before buying, I don't usually buy clothes online, but after driving 30 minutes to the nearest Nordstrom and walking away feeling extra round and dejected, I picked up a few things. Only one out of the four items actually looked good and fit.

Gap Maternity: Well the trip to Nordstrom wasn't a complete waste since it gave me a chance to stop by Gap Maternity inside Gap Kids & Baby. Found a pair of white Bermuda shorts for $9.99 (quite a steal for anything a the Gap) and a beautiful silk dress with ruffled neckline at a decent price. Only issue with the dress is there's very little room for growth, not exactly music to the ears of a woman who gains a pound a week.

Motherhood Maternity: A tried and true fav. Selection online=in-store, although online offers more sizes. Found great undergarments at reasonable prices (must haves when sporting a growing bump); cute dress from Loved by Heidi Klum which can also be worn as a skirt; great top with embellishments allows me to beat the heat by limiting accessories; figure flattering black shorts with secret belly panel (a summer staple).

Macy's: Nothing online, but good in-store selection including Motherhood Maternity and Pea in a Pod. Upside is Macy's phenomenal customer service is an added benefit since this is a section within their store. Downside is the fact that sizes can be limited, especially on new or hot items. Did find a great pink and brown polka dot faux wrap dress by Motherhood Maternity--this one wasn't even at the Motherhood Maternity store!

DSW: Last, but certainly not least...what to put on my swollen, achy feet. While I'm tempted to wear my favorite shoes--fuzzy slippers, I know that I've got to do better. In an effort to step it up, literally, I waddled over to my fav spot DSW. I found a wide selection of ballet flats, although none in wide sizes :(. I also found a lot of cute wedges, including this cute gold pair.  I get the height of heels without the pain.

Now that the shopping is done, what am I actually wearing to BlogHer Business 2010 and BlogHer Conference 2010? Stay tuned for the next episode, "Pregnant and Packing for BlogHer '10: Everyone Remembers Their First Time".