Pregnant? Bed Not Big Enough? Sleep in Separate Beds!

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[Editor's Note: During my third trimester of pregnancy, not only was I larger than normal, but I was experiencing pregnancy induced insomnia. So I'd flip and I'd flop and I'd flip and flop some more. My poor husband. Did I mention we had a full sized bed? Oof. Molly at Stilettos and Diapers found what could be the perfect solution for pregnancy sleeping: separate beds. Did you ever sleep in separate beds when you were expecting? Or even afterward? Or is this something you wouldn't do? -Jenna]

Modern Day Lucy and Ricky:

Hotel Room in San Jose Fairmont Hotel
Hubs admitted that he loves sleeping alone in the hotel when he travels. (Then I silently sang the Hallelujah chorus) Since our bedroom just so happens to be big enough to put our extra queen bed in it, why not?

Tonight, this brick house of a momma is going to be sleeping peacefully at an appropriate 2 feet away from my dear hubs. No knees in the back. No morning breath. No monster body pillows in his way. No sticking his massive feet through the slats at the end of the bed.

Photo Credit: kathika.

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