Pregnant: Round Two & What to Do!

No, I am not pregnant!

But, now that Hannah is nearly ten months old I have had a chance to reflect on the ups and downs of being pregnant. These are just a few things I did (or didn’t do) that I would do differently for round two. Also, I do not claim to be a doctor at all, but I do have an opinion. Please take that into consideration before you take me too seriously.


1| WORK AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. I started my maternity leave as soon as I was eligible, which was eight weeks before H was born. At the time, it made perfect financial and personal sense. But now our plan has changed, and it would be nice to be on a paid maternity leave until Hannah is one year old. So, if you are medically able, try to work as long as possible when you’re pregnant. Having a baby turns things completely around and you just never know if your future plans will change!

2| DON’T GET A MOM CUT. Ughh… nine months later and I am still regretting this decision. At the time I really wanted a change. A pick me up. A new ‘do. I really loved it for the first month, don’t get me wrong. But now I really regret this decision. But hey, personal choice! I’m just asking you to think it through long and hard.

3| BUY A GOOD ROCKING CHAIR. Rocking chair, or whatever. Just make sure it is good and supportive. A lot of expenses come with your first baby. Nate and I tried to cut costs and use the old rocking chair in our living room. It was awful. Breastfeeding was literally painful trying to sit in it. Countless times H woke up as I would struggle with my postpartum body to stand up and lay her in her crib. So ladies, please have a good chair for your baby’s nursery.Test it out, make sure it has good lumbar support as well as comfy arm rests.

4| RENOVATE BEFORE THE BABY ARRIVES. Okay, this is probably a no-brainer. But for us, apparently it wasn’t. I always wanted to re-do our kitchen cupboards and I chose to do it when H was two months old. Yeah… probably would’ve been easier and healthier to accomplish before she was born.

5| IF IT MAKES YOU THROW UP, DON’T INGEST IT. Once, again this is probably common sense. But, there’s these things called prenatal vitamins that you think you HAVE to take or else your baby will fall apart. For months I took my prenatal vitamin, would eat breakfast, then promptly make my way to the sink. Or car window. I thought I just HAD to take it even if it meant I wasn’t able to keep any food down. Finally I switched to just taking a folic acid supplement and hey- I got to eat my breakfast and enjoy it too! Within a month my morning (er, all day) sickness subsided and I resumed taking my prenatal vitamins every day.

6| REVEAL THE GENDER, OR NOT. This one is totally personal and up to YOU. Nathan and I decided early on that we wanted to know the gender of our baby. Some family members thought we were crazy, but we went with what we wanted anyways. And I am so glad that we did. We knew who we were praying for and I felt a lot more comfortable being pregnant. On the other hand, if you don’t want to know the gender of your baby… stick to it, despite the opposition! This is good “stick to your guns” practice as new parents.

7| TUMS. All day, every day. Buy these in bulk at Costco, I am not kidding. You will need them. I read on the internet that I could only take three Tums a day, so that’s what I did. It wasn’t until after I had H that I consulted my doctor and what do you know… I could’ve eaten them as candy! As with all things however, consult your own doctor.

8| DON’T WASH EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF CLOTHING. Okay now, do go ahead and wash the newborn and tiny baby things. But, I advise not to go too crazy and wash everything. There are brand new items that Hannah never wore, but because they have been washed… we can’t return them. Sizing is so hard to pre-determine!

9| SLEEP, AND DO NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT. I slept a lot when pregnant. I also felt guilty for it. I am now smarter than that, and realize that the next time I will be able to sleep uninterrupted will probably be when our children hit college. So dear pregnant mommas, relish in your rest!

10| ATTEND A PRE-NATAL CLASS. Nate and I went to a pre-natal class sponsored by our local health region. We took in a lot of information and felt confident when it came time to go to the hospital. We also didn’t learn a lot of things that we actually needed to know (ie: formula feeding). Regardless, I am so glad that we attended these classes. We knew what was going on during the labour and delivery process. Plus, there is something about getting first hand information from a nurse, rather than Google. But with that in mind, I was also the person Google-ing “natural ways to induce labour” a few days before my due date. Anyways, you get my point. Knowledge is power.

Okay, so there are just a few recommendations I have if you are expecting! Feel free to disagree or add some of your own in the comments below. All I know is that when I’m pregnant again I will not get a mom cut, do any major house renovations, or force myself to inhale vitamins.

Good luck to all of you pregnant mommas out there!

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