Pregnant Women Make Me Sick

Pregnant women make me sick. Literally. So does the smell of freshly applied wallpaper, the Before These Crowded Streets CD from The Dave Matthews Band, flowery smelling lotion, and walking into my ob/gyn’s office.

Don’t get me wrong, pregnancy is a beautiful, amazing, miraculous process and I think sharing a child with someone you love is a wonderful gift, but I was not a glowing, happy, expectant Mother. I was sick. A lot. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I threw up every day for months. Not just the first trimester, but through most of the second as well.

Ordinary odors usually sent me running for the nearest restroom. Luckily, I had some seniority in the office where I was working and I used my authority to have sweet smelling lotions, sprays and perfumes banned from the department. People were happy to comply lest they be vomited upon.

Some things, like walking my dog and picking up her poo, were unavoidable. I would try to hold my breath, but would inevitably end up gagging and retching in my neighbor’s yards. How attractive is that picture?

But, it wasn’t only tummy upset. I was actually sick, sick. I developed some freakish auto-immune disorder that only affected me when I was pregnant. I blew up so big that if someone had tied a string to my foot, they could’ve entered me in a Thanksgiving Day Parade. All in all, I can’t say it was a pleasant experience until my children were actually outside of my body.

So seeing, hearing and smelling things that remind me of that time tend to make me queasy. To all the pregnant women who are at their best and feel so good when they’re pregnant, I’m really happy for you, but don’t be offended if instead of stopping to chit-chat with you, I hurry myself along.


Diane (aka Momo) is the Social Media Manager for BlogHer. When she isn't tweeting, posting to LinkedIn, or pinning for the BlogHer Community of 55 million, Diane can be found blogging at Momo Fali, where she writes about her sports-fanatic husband, teen daughter and her special-needs son.


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