Premeditated Leftovers

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Last summer, during the height of the fuel crisis, I like a lot of Americans started trying to find new ways to save money. Many of the ideas I came up with are not actually new, but things I learned from my parents and grandparents, but had not applied in my own household because I did not feel the need for them before. The first thing I decided to do was to eliminate waste in the kitchen by cooking meals with plans in mind for the leftovers. After that was successfully implemented, I started looking at ways that I could reuse the packaging that the food came in. Then I started to look for recipes to cook more things from scratch, so I wouldn't have leftover packaging. Although fuel prices have decreased and food and hay has slowly followed suit, I have continued to find ways to save money and eliminate waste.  Now that the emergency is over, I am creating an emergency fund with my savings!  My blog is a journal of the ideas I have employed in my household to save money, time, and prevent waste.