Prepping for BlogHer ’12 (I’m speaking!): What are your most burning grammar questions?

I'm Speaking at BlogHer '12So, I found out last week that I am going to be speaking at BlogHer ’12! I am so excited. Especially since it was one of my goals for the year to attend and participate in BlogHer ’12.” I wasn’t sure what that meant when I wrote it, but I knew I wanted to make it happen.

And it happened.

I’ll be in the Writing Lab at BlogHer ’12. Pretty fitting, right? On Saturday, I’ll be leading a workshop called “Grammar Clinic: How to Identify and Avoid Common Errors.” There will be two 30 minute sessions, where I’ll answer bloggers’ questions on grammar and share some of my tips and resources.

I’m one of those writers who believes in breaking rules from time to time, even when it comes to grammar. Like using fragmented sentences or starting a sentence with the word “and.” However, there are some rules that just shouldn’t be broken.

Those who know me well know that I have a thing about the use (or misuse, really) of the comma. I also die a little inside every time I see someone use “your” when she really means “you’re.”

I particularly like the description of the session: Their are so many ways to make errors! Its so easy! And your going to love these tips about how not to! ;)

Anyway, it should be pretty fun. My session is between 9:30am – 10:45am. Sign up if your you’re going to be at BlogHer ’12! (If you don’t see anything wrong with the description above, then you should definitely sign up. Just saying.)

Even if you’re not going to BlogHer ’12, I’m curious about your grammar questions. I’d love it if you could help me prepare for my workshop. Of course, I will be blogging about what we talk about in the session, and I am always happy to share resources.

So tell me, please. As a blogger, what are your most burning grammar questions?

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