Preschool is closing in on us... or is it?


Preschool for me, was a wonderful time. I went to our local, small town Montessori school, nestled in the hills of Northern California.Morgan Hill to be exact. They grow mushrooms there and on cold mornings thefumes from the manure used in the mushroom process will beat your sense ofsmell to a pulp. I made good friends in preschool and most of them lasted until8th grade. I remember the teachers fondly and due to my pack rat mother, somewhere I have works of art and stories written from this time in my life. 

 In 2006 I decided that I wanted to learn more about child development. I took several classes at Grossmont Community College and enjoyedthem immensely. At this same time I realized I was unhappy with the job I hadand needed a change. Through one of my classes I learned about a preschool thatwas hiring and took the plunge. 

I started out in the "toddler room". The main teacher at the time was a bit eccentric and made my co-teacher start a rocky one. Shewas fired. I then became the bouncer. The teacher that went from room to roomto fill in wherever they needed help. This school needed A LOT of help. Theywere horribly unorganized and taught lessons from pre-planned curriculum out ofa box. Up to that point I thought wine in a box was the most disgusting thing Ihad heard of.  

I was placed in the infant room for a while as the head teacher in there. And then eventually I was placed in the pre-school room as a teacherfor the 2-3 year olds. Even though I had a more permanent position I was stillthe one that filled in emergency situations. 

Now the owner of the school I worked at also owned another school up the road, maybe a block from where I worked.  

I can recall countless times when licensing was called to come out to one of the two schools for one reason or another (lack of teachers, lackof teachers with units, dog on premises shitting everywhere, having minors asteachers, insufficient teacher student ratios... you name it I think ithappened). On these occasions I would bolt to wherever I was needed to make itlook like they were following procedure.  

I would go back to the child development classes I was in and relay the various things that were happening in my work environment. Everyonewas always flabbergasted. You cannot make up the stories I have. The teacherswould always talk about such amazing schools that really valued the educationand growth of children as well as their staff. Sooo not what I worked in.

 Oh and to top it all off, the owner made all the staff go on weight watchers since she wanted all her staff to be thin and beautiful. Herwords not mine.  In any case as soon as another opportunity came along (and it did.. *sigh* that’s another heartbreaking story. I'll save forlater) I took it. I was outta there and was able to shake off all the nastinessand bad business I had experienced for almost a year. 

What made me think of all of this is that in order for your child to get into a good preschool you need to call, make interviews, and geton waiting lists. Like now. My son is almost 6 months old and the thought oflooking into a preschool scares me. The only way I would let him go topreschool is if it's a really good school. Those usually cost money and that’ssomething we don’t have a lot of.

I have yet to look into preschool in the area to see what’s available. I will do research and report back what I find.

I guess the moral of his story is always do research into the schools you send your child. Looks can be deceiving. Fancy cars too.  





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